Positive contact with separate contact bridge

The contact module is suited for safety switches with positive actuation. Because of the design with separate contact bridge this switching module is especially suited for the use as a switch for locking means in door interlocks. The separated assembly of the contact bridge allows a contact opening of any size. The same element is built into the KRONENBERG door interlocks, however in another plastic part with preformed lever for fixation at the latch bolt.


  • switching element with direct safe positive opening (fail-safe)
  • applicable as switch for locking mechanism (EAN)
  • plastic parts self-extinguishing

Order information codes

Technical data

norms EN 81-20, EN 81-50, EN 60947-5-1
switching capacity Ui = 500 V Ith = 10 A Uimp = 4 kV
AC-15: Ue = 230 V Ie = 2 A DC-13: Ue = 200 V Ie = 2 A
short-circuit capacity T10 A F 16 A
contact material fine silver
actuation force 3 N
connection by screw terminal max. 2.5 mm²
level of protection IP00
ambient air temperature -30 °C up to +80 °C
installation position any
B10d – value (10 % nominal load) 100 million / service life 30 years
weight EAN = 25 g
EAN-K = 5 g



declaration of conformity
DE / EN / 2021