Operating Modules

We offer you a wide range of pushbutton systems for different applications:

Standard pushbuttons  which are mounted on the faceplate, do not need a box or cable channel beneath the faceplate, which are also designed for control voltages of 12 and 24 V

Handicapped accessible pushbuttons which comply with the norm EN 81-70, are especially rich in contrast colouring, dimensions according to the norm and tactile inscription, also available for higher control voltages

Pushbutons which offer very high protection against vandalism, whose functions remain active even with improper use and which therefore minimise the unscheduled field visit.

Pushbuttons with higher protection against dust and water ingress

Pushbuttons which can also switch higher control voltages than the common 12 and 24 V, therefore the modernisation costs for older lift installations reamin within a lower budget.

Key switches, toggle lever switches and stop switches complete our delivery programme in this range.

Please choose the right components for your application!

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