Pin-type contact without return spring

The pin-type contact S1 is a safety switch with forced actuation. The switch is suited for all safety circuits as for instance for the speed control. Preset positions of mechanically moved parts are monitored. It is actuated by a threaded pin with a plunger.


  • actuator made of brass with threaded pin M6
  • pulling or pushing actuation direction, can be changed by introducing the actuator on the other side
  • robust metal enclosure
  • transparent cover for function control
  • positively driven normally closed contact and normally open contact
  • cable entry from both sides possible

Order information codes

Technical data

norms EN 81-20, EN 81-50, EN 60947-5-1
switching capacity Ui = 500 V Ith = 6 A Uimp = 4 kV
AC-15: Ie = 2 A Ue = 230 V DC-13: Ie = 0.5 A Ue = 200 V
short-circuit capacity T 6 A F 10 A
contact material fine silver
actuation force 10 N
connection by slot nut max. 2.5 mm²
cable entry 2x M16x1.5 with 1x clamping gland
1x plug
level of protection IP40
ambient air temperature -30 °C up to +80 °C
installation position any
weight 160 g



declaration of conformity
DE / EN / 2021