BE / BE7

Latch plate, standard version

The latch plate is necessary as the counter part for the latch bolt of a door interlock and is installed into the door leaf. The latch plate serves to release the faulty closure device so that the latch bolt can only drive out into the locking position at closed door. For subsequent installation a special mounting tool is available.


  • latch plate, basic type for
    – holding the latch bolt of a door interlock
    – actuation of the faulty closure device
    – mounting in the door leaf
  • full metal version
  • sliding nuts for alignment of the latch plate
  • versions for two different sheet thicknesses
  • versions without pin for door interlocks without faulty closure device
  • as option with adjusting ring

Order information codes

Technical data

enclosure zinc diecast, solid (ZL 0410)
customary position any
ambient air temperature -30 °C up to +80 °C
weight BE = 104 g
BE-J = 106 g
BE-0 = 100 g
BE7 = 88 g
BE7-J = 90 g
BE7-0 = 84 g