Triangular actuation for unlocking by bowden cable, without monitoring

The triangular emergency unlocking units type NE are intended for the realization of an emergency release in an easily accessible position. They actuate the rope or bowden cables attached to the door interlock. They are also suitable for retrofitting existing installations to increase safety to the state-of-the art.


  • triangular actuation for an emergency release of lift doors
    by bowden cable, preferably for door interlocks
    with emergency release .14
  • allows an unlocking from the floor or from the pit ladder,
    within the required limits according to EN 81-20
  • version without monitoring switch
  • set screw for adjustment / readjustment of the bowden cable
  • robust metal design
  • mounting options by cage nuts or boreholes for welding studs
  • version left (standard) or right available

Order information codes

Technical data

wire rope – diameter max. 1.5 mm
actuating travel 18 mm
weight 138 g