Sliding and operating ramps

Sliding ramps operate limit switches of spring return types. The roller at the roller lever is brought by the inclined contact surface into the corresponding switching position. If the sliding ramp is removed, the switch returns to its original position. Operating ramps are used for direction limit switches. If the roller of the roller lever leaves the operating cam, the stay-put feature of the direction limit switch ensures that it remains in the last switching position. The long versions of both types of ramps are designed for high speed elevators, the short versions are designed for slow speed elevators.


  • robust ramp made of cast metal for the actuation of limit switches or door interlocks
  • operation ramp GK-L and direction ramp UK-L are suited for higher speeds of the car
  • clamp fixing made on mounting rail (rail is not included in the scope of delivery)
  • customary position vertical

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