Electrical contact bridge EKB

To increase the safety of the service technicians during maintenance and repairs of lift installations, KRONENBERG offers the electrical contact bridge EKB. The EKB has two contact pins. The distance between the pins can be adjusted using a rotary wheel. An automatic pulley is used to attach the EKB to the clothing of the service technician so that the EKB cannot get lost or remain at the contact point accidentally.


  • contact bridge for bridging door contacts during maintenance work at lift installations
  • distance between the contact pins infinitely adjustable by a rotary wheel from 14 – 36 mm
  • pulley for attachment to the clothing of the user
  • may only be used by qualified personnel (electrically qualified person)

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Technical data

Switching capacity Ui = 500 V,    Ith = 10 A,    AC: Ue = 230 V_x000D_
Ie = 2 A, DC: Ue = 200 V Ie = 0,5 A,  DC: Ue = 48 V Ie = 2 A
Contact spacing adjustable from 14 mm – 36 mm
Rope length (pulley) 104 cm
Weight 105 g



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