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Reversing bearing block

The reversing bearing block is used for the external actuation of door interlocks at lifts. By bevel gears the movement of the roller lever is deflected by 90 degrees. The gear head can be converted into four different positions. It is equipped with an additional emergency release triangle. The connection rod between reversing bearing block and door interlock can be any length. For confined spaces a shortened version of the reversing bearing block is available.


  • deflection of the movement by bevel gear with little backlash, transmission 1:1, with high efficiency
  • roller lever infinitely variable
  • triangle for emergency release base side at the bearing axis
  • robust metal construction
  • four actuation directions available
  • precise, durable bearing of the roller lever and rubber roller
  • permanent lubrication with high quality lubricants
  • roller lever RH and rubber roller G60 are included in the scope of delivery

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Technical data

enclosure aluminium diecast
actuation torque maximum permissible 3.8 Nm
pulling force maximum permissible 100 N
ambient air temperature -30 °C up to +80 °C
customary position any
weight U -G60 = 455 g
U-K-G60 = 514 g