Standard device with level of protection IP54

The door interlock DL(F)1 is also available in level of protection IP54. To ensure the water protection, the DL(F)1W is equipped with a sealed metal cover and a hard-chrome plated latch bolt for better corrosion protection.



  • metal housing with high stability
  • silent due to buffers in both directions
  • maintenance-free by permanent lubrication with high quality lubricants (up to -30 °C)
  • oiled felt ring at latch bolt for lubrication as well as for sealing against dirt and dust (at X-dimension 10 mm)
  • constrained faulty closure at DLF1-W for use in passenger lifts
  • contacts with solid fine silver plating for a reliable function even at low voltages and currents
  • auxiliary switch as normally closed contact and/or normally open contact with two galvanically isolated
  • contacts possible
  • extensive range of accessories

special features:

  • waterprotection (IP54) at horizontal installation position in the door post
  • metal cover with rubber seal instead of transparent cover
  • chromed latch bolt for better oxidation protection
  • terminal block with all electrical connections
  • connection for bowden cable or cable pull for actuation or unlocking available, e.g.
    application 1: unlocking from the pit ladder (< 1.80 m according to EN 81-20)
    application 2: offset emergency release triangle (< 2 m according to EN 81-20)
    application 3: actuation by bowden cable as alternative to pull rod

Order information codes

Technical data

norms EN 81-20, EN 81-50, EN 81-21, EN 60947-5-1
certificates type approval certificate:
EU-DL 013 (DLF1-W) and EU-DL 015 (DL1-W)
switching capacity:
switch for locking mechanism
auxiliary switch .9/…
Ui = 250 V Ith = 10 A Uimp = 4 kV
AC-15: Ue = 230 V Ie = 2 A DC-13: Ue = 200 V Ie = 2 A
AC-15: Ue = 230 V Ie = 2 A DC-13: Ue = 200 V Ie = 0.5 A
short-circuit capacity T 10 A F 16 A
contact material fine silver
actuation torque (typical)
actuation force (typical)
max. force in non-operating state
1.7 Nm at the roller lever
45 N at the pull rod 20 N at the roller lever (at 35 mm stroke)
5 N at the pull rod
connection by screw terminal max. 2.5 mm²
cable entry PG13.5 with cable gland
level of protection IP54 at horizontal, IP51 at vertical customary position
ambient air temperature -10 °C up to +65 °C (special version up to -30 °C)
weight 850 g to 1100 g (according to version)



operating instructions

declaration of conformity
DE / EN / FR / 2021

declaration of conformity
DE / EN / IT / 2021

declaration of conformity
DE / EN / CZ / 2021

declaration of conformity
DE / EN / ES / 2021

declaration of conformity
DE / EN / RU / 2021

type examination certificate

type examination certificate