WPM system

Wireless Power Module

The WPM system is used for the control of motorized door interlocks and transmits energy from the transmitter at the car to the receiver in the shaft, in order to unlock the associated landing door by this energy.
The energy is transmitted wireless by an alternating magnetic field and is only possible in the stopping position area of a floor.
All other landing door interlocks are de-energized and remain locked. This ensures that the landing door is only unlocked when the car is behind it.
The WPM system is installed very easily and quickly using the mounting set included in the scope of delivery.

WPM system



Installation example




  • simple and efficient control for motorized door interlocks CL(F)MO, DL(F)1MO and DL(F)2MO
    by wireless power transfer between lift car and pit in the stop
  • transmitter with power supply unit is attached to the car
  • for each shaft door one receiver is required in the pit
  • the transmitter is controlled like a retiring cam, no change of control necessary
  • control voltage between 20 to 250 V AC or DC possible
  • only a two-pole cable is required between the receiver and the motorized door interlock
  • no mechanical actuation, therefore wear-free and silent
  • innovative solution for modernizations and new installations

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Technical data

power connection:

mains voltage 100 -240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 140 – 340 V DC
current consumption max. 0.5 A / 230 V AC
max. 0.75 A / 115 V AC
connection connecting terminal, tool-free with lever, max. 4 mm²
earthing screw M5
level of protection IP40
cable entry cable gland PG13.5

connection emergency light supply:

input voltage 22 – 28 V DC
current consumption max. 1.5 A
connection screw terminal 2-pole, max. 2.5 mm²

connection control signal “locking”:

input voltage a) 20 – 60 V AC / DC or
b) 60 – 250 V AC / DC
current consumption max. 3.5 mA
connection screw terminal 3-pole, max. 2.5 mm²
cable entry cable gland PG13.5

connection transmitter:

output voltage 24 V DC
cable length 1 m
connection plug connector on both sides, 3-pole
cable entry cable gland M16x1.5


output voltage 24 V DC, galvanically isolated
output current 1.0 A, max. 30 seconds (10 % duty cycle)
0.2 A, for an indefinite period
connection connecting terminal, tool-free with lever, max. 4 mm²

permissable distance and misalingment between transmitter and receiver in the stop:

distance 10 mm +/- 5 mm
stopping position area max. +/- 25 mm (at 10 mm distance)
re-levelling range max. +/- 40 mm (at 10 mm distance)

minimum distance from metal surfaces to the transmitter- and receiver coil*):

transmitter > 30 mm
receiver > 50 mm


WPM-S-SET 2380 g
WPM-E-SET 1520 g
*) Metal parts close to the transmitter and in particular to the receiver coil can significantly disrupt the energy transmission.
Therefore place the receiver coil in such a way that the minimum distances to the metal surfaces are observed.



Operating instructions

Operating instructions

Declaration of conformity

Declaration of conformity

Declaration of conformity

Declaration of conformity