with higher force and longer travel

The electromagnetic retiring cam EMT 19-W in level of protection IP54 is equipped with a considerable higher force and a longer travel in comparison to the version EMT 17. The assembly is made on the car roof.  The infinite variability of the actual cam is extraordinary high, because the sliding rail can be adjusted, too. Furthermore the cam can be rearranged from a left to right position.


  • dust and water protected version, IP54
  • particularly high force and large stroke
  • wide range of adjustment of the rail
  • installation on the car roof
  • all steel parts galvanized
  • quiet due to high absorption at switch on and switch off
  • very robust and precise
  • changeable from left hand position to right hand position

Order information codes

Technical data

duty cycle 100%
stroke 45 mm
actuation force 90 N
pull-in / holding current 0.7 A / 0.7 A
connection screw terminal and earthing bolt M4, cable gland Pg9
level of protection IP54
ambient air temperature 0 °C up to +40 °C (application at temperatures < 0 °C on request)
customary position magnet keeper horizontal
weight 15 kg