with smaller installation depth

At the electromagnetic retiring cam EMT15K the magnet is arranged above the actual cam. In this way, a smaller installation depth is realised. This version is ideally suited for confined spaces. The force is slightly lower compared to the EMT17.


  • low construction height
  • all steel parts galvanized
  • quiet due to high absorption at switch on and switch off
  • automatic switching to reduced holding current
  • robust and precise

Order information codes

Technical data

duty cycle 100%
stroke 30 mm
actuation force 40 N
pull-in / holding current 0.85 A / 0.20 A
connection 2.5 m connection cable 3 x 1 mm² (special lengths on request)
level of protection IP20
ambient air temperature 0 °C up to +40 °C (application at temperatures < 0 °C on request)
customary position magnet keeper vertical in down direction
weight 4.8 kg