Safety switch in especially robust design

The water-protected safety switch WZF2 with separate actuator is a safety switch with forced actuation and equipped with two contacts. It is very robust and has a long actuating travel. Thus an unwanted shutdown of the machine by vibration of the protective device is avoided. When pulling the actuator out of the switch a forced opening of the contact is made.





  • especially robust construction
  • a long actuation travel (8.0 mm) from initial contact to stop, thus no unwanted turning off of the machine due to door or gate vibration
  • contact travel visible through transparent cover
  • two contacts, positively driven normally closed and normally open contact
  • mounting brackets made of stainless steel, rotatable for change of the hole distance

Order information codes

Technical data

norms EN 81-20, EN 81-50, IEC/EN 60947-5-1, GS-ET 15, EN ISO 13489-1
switching capacity Ui = 250 V Ith = 10 A Uimp = 4 kV
AC-15: Ue = 230 V Ie = 6 A DC-13: Ue = 200 V Ie = 1 A
AC-15: Ue = 24 V Ie = 10 A
short-circuit capacity T10 A F 16 A
contact material fine silver
actuation- / back pressure force 21 N / 0 N
connection by screw terminal max. 2.5 mm², three cable entries M16x1.5
level of protection IP66
ambient air temperature -30 °C up to +80 °C
installation position any
B10d – value (10 % nominal load) 10 million / service life max. 25 years
weight WZF2 = 100 g BB = 6 g
BB-KIPP = 23 g
BB-MS = 26 g
BBV-KIPP = 31 g
BBV-MS = 34 g



operating instructions

declaration of conformity
DE / EN / 2021