Safety switch with clear cover

The water-protected safety switch with separate actuator and clear cover WZA is a safety switch with forced actuation and is used to control the close position of lift doors and protective enclosures. It can be actuated from any direction and allows small swiveling radii with the infinitely variable revolving drive head. The actuator is mounted at the door leaf. A forced opening of the contact is made when pulling the actuator out of the switch.


  • movement of contacts visible through transparent cover
  • infinitely adjustable revolving drive head
  • optional lateral or frontal actuation
  • actuator will not be ejected
  • one positively driven normally closed contact
  • large tolerance between contact making to the stop of the actuator
  • mounting brackets made of stainless steel, rotatable for change of the hole distance
  • three possible cable entries freely selectable

Order information codes

Technical data

norms EN 81-20, EN 81-50, IEC/EN 60947-5-1, GS-ET 15, EN ISO 13489-1
switching capacity Ui = 250 V Ith = 10 A Uimp = 4 kV
AC-15: Ue = 230 V Ie = 6 A DC-13: Ue = 200 V Ie = 0.5 A
AC-15: Ue = 24 V Ie = 10 A
short-circuit capacity T10 A F 16 A
contact material fine silver
actuation- / back pressure force 9 N / 0 N
connection by screw terminal max. 2.5 mm², three cable entries M16x1.5
level of protection IP66
ambient air temperature -30 °C up to +80 °C
installation position any
B10d – value (10 % nominal load) 2 million / service life max. 20 years
weight WZA = 87 g BBA = 10 g
BBA-S = 10 g
BBA-SL = 11 g
BBA-U = 11 g
BBA-KIPP = 30 g



operating instructions

declaration of conformity
DE / EN / 2021