for installation on the car roof

The electromagnetic retiring cam EMT13 is intended for installation on the car roof. The actuation cam is infinitely adjustable in height to adapt to the conditions on site. The force is slightly lower compared to the EMT17.


  • assembly on the car roof
  • all steel parts galvanized
  • quiet due to high absorption at switch on and switch off
  • automatic switching to reduced holding current
  • robust and precise
  • vertical position of the cam is adjustable

Order information codes

Technical data

duty cycle 100%
stroke 30 mm
actuation force 40 N
pull-in / holding current 0.72 A / 0.21 A
connection 1 m connection cable 3 x 1 mm² (special lengths on request)
level of protection IP20
ambient air temperature 0 °C up to +40 °C (application at temperatures < 0 °C on request)
customary position magnet keeper horizontal
weight 6 kg