Especially for goods lifts and in harsh industrial environments robust and reliable door locking systems are required. Large double-leaf doors are often used here.

At the interlift ’23 we presented an innovative door interlock with motorized operation for double-leaf doors especially for these applications.

With this new DL(F)2MO door lock double-leaf landing doors can now be unlocked and locked almost silently with just one door lock. This is ensured by the electric motor integrated in the DL(F)2MO which can tighten the bolts reliably, silently and with high force.

Due to the very low tightening current and the automatic switchover to the reduced holding current, you can also save energy.                        

The locking device is moreover available in protection class IP54 as option.

The DL(F)2MO is also compatible with our WPM system for a simple and safe control. The combination with the WPM system results in a universal interlocking system that can be installed with little effort and without interfering with the control system. It is therefore also ideally suited for modernization.

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With the new DL(F)2MO type door lock double-leaf landing doors are now also unlocked and locked almost silently with just one lock.

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