Signal Transmitters

Elektronic Gong ELG6 / ELG6K

The electronic gong ELG6 allows a direction dependant audio signal as requested in the norm EN81-70:2003. By six input terminals all common control types can be made. As an alternative the connection by two 3-way ultrex-connectors to the wiring system VAT or the CAN-assembly group is possible. The electronic gong can be used as one- two or three-tone gong. According to the terminal allocation the activation of the gong can either be caused by switching on the supply voltage or by a switching impulse (trigger signal). By the use of a link four different sound intensities can be obtained. By its design the ELG6 is suited for mounting into a box or on a faceplate. By the use of a soft foamed material the acoustic coupling to the faceplate is guaranteed. The plastic membrane of the loudspeaker is humidity protected.
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Acoustic Pushbutton Acknowledgement ATQ1

The printed circuit board ATQ1 is designed for the acoustic acknowledgement of call pushbuttons. Each keystroke of the pushbutton is acknowledged acoustically even if the pushbutton is already illuminated. For this purpose a special kind of connection "SQK" or "SQA" or an additional normal open contact (contact version "20" or "21") is needed for each pushbutton module. Then as many pushbuttons as required can be connected to the ATQ1-printed circuit board. The volume of the piezo signal transmitter can be adjusted continuously variable via a potentiometer. Alternatively the printed circuit board can be delivered with an AS-base, which can be screwed on or snapped into the Kronenberg mounting rail.
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