Handicapped accessible push buttons according to EN 81-70

Our push buttons for barrier-free lift installations distinguish themselves by a big push button surface and a clear marking which is tactile and has high contrast engraving.


Pushbutton-System XLQ / XLR

The large sized pushbuttons XLQ(W) and XLR(W) with micro switch and halo illumination are fixed on the faceplate by means of 2 welding studs. An optimum illumination is achieved by evenly placed LEDs, which are available in red, green, blue or white. Due to their dimensions and the high-contrast legends these pushbuttons are perfectly suited for operating panels corresponding to the norm for the disabled EN 81-70. According to the field of application these pushbuttons can be operated with acoustic acknowledgement without any problem. With a sealing system a faceplate waterprotection IP54 can be achieved up to an inclination of 25° to the horizontal. Thus it also suits perfectly for the use in firemen's lifts..
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Pushbutton-System UTRE

With its dimensions of 45 mm x 34 mm the rectangular standard push buttons of the UT series is suited for barrier-free lift installations. The tactile engraving offers a clear colour contrast to the surrounding. From the big pushbutton surface and the clear symbols and numbers results in an easy operation..
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Pushbutton-System GVD / GRVD

The large sized pushbuttons GVD(W) and GRVD(W) are equipped with  metal pressels and they thus offer extensive protection against vandalism. If the legend is a black-white coloured tactile engraving, the criteria from the norm EN 81-70 for disabled are fully complied with. The version "W" is waterproof to the faceplate in level of protection IP54.
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