for safety switches

Safety switch and actuator are separate from each other. They are functionally merged or separated only when switching.
The actuators are attached to the lift door or safety door of a tool machine. When the door is opened, the actuator is separated from the basic device.
In most applications, this forces the NC contacts in the safety switch to open.

Actuator BBA for WZA

Actuator BB-MS for WZF(2)

Actuator BBK for WZK

Actuator BBV-MS for WZV2


Order information codes

Technical data

weights actuators WZA
and WZA10 / WZA11 / WZA20
BBA = 10 g
BBA-S = 10 g
BBA-SL = 11 g
BBA-U = 11 g
BBA-KIPP = 30 g
weights actuators WZF / WZF2 BB = 6 g
BB-KIPP = 23 g
BB-MS = 26 g
BBV-KIPP = 31 g
BBV-MS = 34 g
weight actuator WZK BBK = 15 g
weights actuators WZV2 BBV-MS = 34 g
BBV-KIPP = 31 g
weights actuators WZF2-EX BB-MS = 26 g
BBV-MS = 34 g