Practical solutions for the new lift standard EN 81-20

From 1st September 2017 new requirements for the installation height
of the emergency release for lift doors will become obligatory.
There are also new requirements for unlocking the shaft door from the pit ladder.
Hans & Jos. Kronenberg GmbH offers new products and solutions to meet
these additional requirements for new installations
as well as for retrofitting and modernization.

According to the latest state of the art, based on the Lift Standard EN 81-20,
an emergency release triangle installed in vertical level may only be placed up
to a height of 2 m. Therefore it is often necessary to install the emergency
release triangle separately from the door interlock in an accessible height.
KRONENBERG door interlocks can be provided from now onwards with
the mechanical connections for pull ropes and bowden cables, so that they
can be unlocked by an external triangle.


Corresponding accessories such as
external actuations of the triangle (with or without monitoring),
pull ropes or bowden cables are also available.

We take care of your safety!


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