Pushbutton system RP35

Plug-In pushbutton of flat design
With the pushbutton system RP35 Kronenberg offers a round pushbutton for quick assembly.                                                                   

This versatile system with very flat installation depth has a short stroke and can be mounted tool-free on the faceplate.
As with all Kronenberg pushbuttons of the new generation the homogenous halo illumination is made by maintenance-free LEDs.
Four different illumination colors are available (red, green, blue and white).
The button pressels are stamped so that the outlines of the numbers and symbols can also be felt by lift users with impaired sight.
For better orientation within buildings or to underline the corporate identity,
the pushbutton pressels can be designed in different colors by a modern print system.

To complete the system travel direction indicators and diode light modules
corresponding to the pushbutton system RP35 are available.

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