Emergency lift telephones

The European norm EN81-28 makes high demands on emergency lift telephones. The lift installations are thus meant to become safer.

Since 1st January 2010 Hans & Jos. Kronenberg GmbH has been cooperating with SafeLine Deutschland GmbH.

SafeLine emergency lift telephones offer, apart from the complete compliance of EN 81-28, a clearly arranged product range. Maintenance services of lift companies can be improved by using SafeLine products. The products are reliable and offer the range to installation companies and final customers.

Important product characteristics: 

  • Independency from telephone network       
  • Self-test every 3 days           
  • Two potential free relay outputs for the pictograms HEAR and SPEAK    
  • Battery charging control       
  • Possibility to call the trapped lift users         
  • Filtering of emergency calls (supervision of doors) 
  • Additional speech units in the shaft and on the car roof

We assist you in making your lift installation comply with the latest safety standard!


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