Door interlocks and Retiring Cams in explosion proof version





 DLF1-EX und DL1-EX

The door interlocks are suited for the application in explosive atmosphere and are used for the locking of elevator doors and their control. The lift car is only permitted to go if all doors are closed and locked. The locking is controlled by the switch for locking mechanism. The variability permits the adaptation to different working conditions. The version DLF1-EX with faulty closure device serves for the complete locking. The version DL1-EX, without a faulty closure device can only be a part of the locking..
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The electromagnetic retiring cam EMT 81 EX is suited for the application in explosive atmosphere and is used for the actuation of door interlocks at lifts. It is mounted on the car roof. If there is an electrical voltage at the magnet coil then the retiring cam is energized and the elevator car passes the door interlock and does not actuate it. If the car stops at the floor, the voltage is removed and the retiring cam drops. The door interlock will be unlocked in this position and the door can be opened.
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