Access Control Systems

Key operated codings are used for the protection of security relevant areas, e.g. company and living floors, against access of external persons. Also key switches and socket wrenches are used for this purpose.

The key-operated coding TC3 is an electronic device for access control systems. After the input of an access code (PIN) and the selection of the function (switching on or off) the assigned switching outputs are switched. The device offers the possibility to use 32 different access codes and up to 26 switching outputs. Before the initial operation some parameters have to be set-up according to the mode of operation. The access code, master code, code length, switching performance and circuit time can be set-up by means of the keypad. With the software it is possible to allocate several outputs to one access code. Also special outputs can be programmed specifically, in order to operate display functions or complex connections.





Key Operated Coding - TC3 EDEL

The encoding keyboard TC3-EDEL was designed with stainless steel buttons. By its layout / design and the arrangement of the laser labelled buttons it suits into the standard landing stations of the Hans & Jos. KRONENBERG GmbH.
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Key Operated Coding - TC3 STORM

The model TC3-STORM has square metal buttons and is surrounded by an attractive metal frame. The TC3-STORM can easily be embedded in the faceplate or attached to it - protection against vandalism is assured.
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Key Operated Coding - TC3 ECO

The model TC3-ECO is the low cost version. It has square plastic buttons.
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Extension Modul AM8

The extension module AM8 is used if the two outputs of the TC3 are not sufficient. It disposes of eight relay outputs.
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