VAT - Prewiring System

With the prewiring system KRONENBERG offers the elevator manufacturer a fast and economy-priced alternative to the conventional wiring of car and landing stations. The operating panels of the system VAT are completely prewired and are supplied with plug-in connection cables. The assembly on site is much easier and shorter. The installation modules for the system VAT are normally equipped with Ultrex-cable connectors and are fastened on the faceplate. The call buttons in the system VAT are carried out in three-wire technology, the indicators are not electrically separated from the switching contact. The button systems MH, QA, RQ30 and XL are especially suited for the prewiring system.



Connectable Car Operating Panels

KRONENBERG offers plug-connectable car operating panels and landing stations for the elevator car. The operating panels are delivered with a plug-in connection cable to connect with the pushbutton terminal box. Plugs and pin reservation of the connection cable (SUB37-KAB... / SUB25-KAB...) have been defined together with other manufacturers of control systems and operating panels in order to create a common interface between operating panel and control. Many manufacturers of control systems offer a corresponding connection for the plug-connectable operating panel. Plug-connectable car operating panels are offered with the buttons of the systems MH, QA, RQ30 and XL.
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VSV - Landing Stations

Because of the self-addressing of the VSV-landing stations the wiring is very easy and fast. Plug-bridging to address or other codings of the panels are dropped. The modules have only to be plugged in consecutively and the wiring to the control system is ready. Wiring faults are almost impossible. Landing stations for 1- or 2-button collective controls with or without travel direction indication are offered.
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