Floor Position Indicators




Dot Matrix Display PMA

The dot matrix display PMA is based on indicator modules with 5 x 7 luminous dots with heights of 18mm, 30mm and 50mm. The indicator modules are available either with green or red illumination. The PMA has been developed mainly for the use as position indicator for elevators. The display is available with one or two lines. Depending on the connected module it is possible to integrate up to 12 modules as one indicator unit, and the modules can be combined regarding height and colours. The modules of 30mm and 50mm can be mounted either with a space between the modules (to integrate a point) or in line. The space can be equipped with a single LED as decimal point on request. The 18mm modules are available as blocks of 2 modules each (10x7) and are mounted in line. The 18mm modules are mainly used for infotexts and replace separate information fields.
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Dot Matrix Displays PME / PMK

With the digital displays PME and PMK KRONENBERG presents two compact floor position indicators offering good value. The PME with the measurements 129 x 74mm is fitted to the filter lens with the measurement 106 x 66mm and is designed for double banked (car operating) panels. It can be equipped with three, two or one indicator segment. The PMK with the measurement 74 x 74 mm is extremely smaller than the PME. It is fitted to the filter lens 66 x 44 mm and can be integrated into standard panels with 110 mm faceplates without any problem. It can be executed with one or two digits.
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Dot Matrix Displays PMG / PMK-1-50

For barrier-free areas we offer two economically priced dot matrix displays with 50 mm font size. The PMG is available as two- or three-digit display, whereas the PMK-1-50 can only be delivered single-digit.
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Dot Matrix Display PML4

Already in the standard version this diplay distinguishes itself by its brilliant display by means of ultra bright red LEDs. Four LED-modules in 30 mm font size clearly show you by different display functions (travel direction, floor position, running text) the status of the lift. The LED-modules are also available in blue and green. As usual for Kronenberg displays the parameterisation can be modified on site by exchange of the EEPROM.
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TFT-Display TFT430

With the 4,3 inch TFT display up to 32 floors, static travel direction arrows and 2 warnings can be signalised. The direction arrows and warnings are in the same area of the display and do not need the full display surface. The display can be installed horizontally or vertically and can be programmed easily with the free of charge software by using an optional USB-cable.

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Graphic Display LCD1

With the graphic-LCD-display LCD1 all common information for the lift user such as floor indication, travel direction, special texts and symbols can be shown. In addition the date and time, the trading name and logo of the lift operating company can be shown. The display field can be separated into different display segments. The allocation between the adjacent signal and the displayed graphic can be changed by means of the PC. For this purpose software is needed as demo or full version and the programming device ADA-PC for the serial interface. The coding of the floor texts can be changed between binary, gray or the "1 out of n" encoding at any time. With the use of a link the inputs for positive common or negative common control pulses can be set-up. 16 inputs are at disposal for floor texts and special texts as well as two additional inputs for the travel direction. The LCD-module has a resolution of 240 x128 pixels. The background illumination with yellow LEDs guarantees a very long service life. An integrated, modern switching power supply allows the operation with a very large voltage span from 12V to 30 V DC. The dimensions are B x H x T = 144 x 124 x 32 mm.
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Digital rucksack hanger
for floor position indicators


High control voltages ond incomplete wiring diagrams often represent an incalculable effort ot the modernisation
of existing installations.You would like to retrofit o modern digital display without changing the existing Iift control?
With the digital rucksock hanger DSK1 KRONENBERG offers the possibility to generate the display signals for the floor
position and travel direction independent from the control.
The effort is small ond the expenses are calculable:
You fix the DSK1 at the car and connect it with a Kronenberg dot matrix display
via the pluggable connecting cable.You only have to place a magnet between the floors.

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Segment Displays

By means of segment displays the common signals for lifts can be displayed clearly and rich in contrast. The FAP-module displays the travel direction. The floor status is signalled dependant on the necessary symbols by the NSK- or NST-module. IAZ modules are illuminated fields, which are designed with a text foil in order to give information. The passive and robust electronic allows the direct control "1out of n" or an uncoded control of each single illuminated bar.
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Code Converters

Gray code converters of the series CDW convert floor indication signals coded "1 out of n" into gray code signals. Thus digital displays with gray code input can be operated at controls, which control one wire per floor. Binary coded displays can also be controlled with the code converter CWD. For this purpose a special connecting sequence has to be adhered to..
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