Pushbuttons with higher level of protection -
IP54 and higher

We offer you push buttons with higher protection against dust and water ingress in standard sizes and as large-sized push buttons.





Pushbutton-System UT...W

The universal pushbutton system UT is also available with waterprotection (IP54) from the front side.
It consists of four visually different pushbutton versions with corresponding illuminated fields and travel direction displays. A round pushbutton with a diameter of 34 mm, a square pushbutton with an edge length of 34 mm as well as two rectangular models with dimensions 45 x 34 mm and 43 x 28 mm are available. The system has been designed for control voltages of 12V and 24V and for faceplate thickness from 1,5 mm to 2 mm. Waterprotection to the faceplate (IP54)

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Pushbutton-System XLQW / XLRW

The large sized pushbuttons XLQW and XLR(W) with micro switch and halo illumination are fixed on the faceplate by means of 2 welding studs. An optimum illumination is achieved by evenly placed LEDs, which are available in red, green, blue or white. With a sealing system a faceplate waterprotection IP54 can be achieved up to an inclination of 25° to the horizontal. Thus it also suits perfectly for the use in firemen's lifts.
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Pushbutton-System R34W(H)

The pushbutton R34W fulfils the requirements of the level of protection IP65 and the vandalism class 1. Thus it can be used in almost all application areas. By its big pressel and its clear unambiguous symbolism this pushbutton is perfectly suited for the use in firemen's lifts.
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Pushbutton-System RV34W

The pushbutton RV34W fulfils the requirements of the level of protection IP54 and the vandalism class 2. Thus there are unlimited application possibilities for this pushbutton. By its big pressel and its clear unambiguous symbolism it perfectly suits for the installation in firemen's lifts. Due to the high vandalism class it is suitable for industrial environments.
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Pushbutton-System RVB11W

The RVB11W offers waterprotection at face plate side and fulfils the requirements of the vandalism class 2. With the order code RVB30W these pushbuttons are also available with the row switching element suited for higher control voltages.
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Pushbutton-System GVDW / GRVDW

The large sized pushbuttons GVDW and GRVDW fulfil the requirements of level of protection IP54 to the faceplate. These systems are also used for higher control voltages as used in elder lift installations.
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Pushbutton-System RVHW / RVDW

The round pushbuttons with metal pressel offer extensive protection against vandalism. The visually appealing high shroud prevents accidental actuation. Halo illumination is standard. The version W is waterproof to the faceplate in protection IP 54.
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