• DLF1MO - the silent door interlock

    At the Interlift 2015 KRONENBERG presented the new DLF1MO for the first time.
    This door interlock based on the versatile DLF1 is operated by a three-phase motor
    and is an interesting alterntive to the door interlock DLF1EM with electromagnetic actuation.
    Compared to the DLF1EM

  • LIFTJOURNAL - ISSUE 1 / 2014

    During the Interlift 2013 Hans & Jos. Kronenberg GmbH presented the pushbutton element UTLIN.
    This system guarantees a simple and uniform shaft wiring at reasonable costs.
    You can find an interesting article on this system in issue 1/2014 of the

  • LIFTJOURNAL - issue 4 / 2014

    In issue 4/2014 of the Liftjournal magazine an article was published on the different possibilities of emergency release by bowden cable.
    This option is esspecially for goods lifts with high doors an easy accessible alternative to the common possiblities of  emergency

  • UL Certification

    Door interlocks and door contacts now also UL certified

    In order to serve also the North American and Canadian market Kronenberg
    has had the door interlock DLF1/7 as well as the door

  • Adaptations

    In close cooperation with our customers we have managed to build an


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